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Science Fiction

by Whit Flint

A future.

Astro-botanists, Grey and Luna oversee an aboretum on
Jupiter's moon, Europa.

As part of a pioneering colonization project they've made the giant satellite their home. But as suffocating isolation becomes a fixture, their day to day existence reveals a terrifying shadow of
cultivated inventions and counterfeit echoes. 


Cast Austin Archer*, Victoria Ratermanis
Direction Whit Flint

Producer / Stage Manager Rory James Leech

Design Jaime Brackeen
  Lighting Design Joe Rubinstein
Intimacy Choreographer Hailey Mashburn
Producer Jason Link
Producer Austin Archer
Assoc. Producer Brandon Kelly

premiered 9 - 19 November 2023 in Los Angeles

further SEASON 2023/24 info /// visit Riot Act on Instagram @riotacttheatre + Facebook /riotacttheatre

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