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The Structure

a workshop on the skeletal system of the actor

a four-point plan to discover and generate the ability to take risks + create from within the artist.

> “Blood Type” - The emergence of you. Investigating the raw materials that inform your history and DNA as an actor. 
> “Nervous System” - Embracing fears and overcoming obstacles through the identification of creative impulses. 
> “Lung Capacity” - Defining who you are as an artist and giving it a clear and unique voice. 
> “Skin Graft” - Applying origins, instincts, and opinions to the entire system and structure of storytelling. 

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Chekhov intensives


Anton Chekhov, whose short career was as momentous as any playwright in history, found a new tapestry and canvas in the late nineteenth century that offered reticence and hesitation in place of the expected theatrical entrappings of personality and emotions. His plays tightened a microscope on the raw and simple materials of human behaviour unlike any playwright proceeding him, illustrating the beauty and electricity of a submerged life. Chekhov's imprint ushered in a radical version of theatre that encouraged the philosophy that everything and nothing can exist on one plane. That more can be said in the silences and what is unsaid.

Drawing from his career as a physician, his writing revolutionized modern storytelling with a surgical precision that embraced the richness of the mundane, rather than the hollow framework of central heroic figures, characters that represent only good or bad. His plays are about people. Flawed, nuanced, evolving. His works timeless threads bind and sustain in their ability to be a form of theatre that doesn't feel unapproachable or merely for the elite, but rooted and fully lived in.


During a multi-session workshop taught by Chekhovian scholar + Artistic Director
Whit Flint, students will study the history of Russian theatre, Stanislavski practices as well as explore and experiment with contemporary adaptations and approaches to the major Chekhovian works. At the culmination students will have the opportunity to
perform their scene work and participate in full productions. 

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