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Bad Person
[A Disquisition on the Stench of Masculin Fear]

script & direction by Whit Hertford
adapted from Chekhov's Platonov

The Right to Be a

During the turmoil of the Russian Revolution in 1917, Maria Chekhov, placed many of her late brother’s manuscripts and
papers in a safety deposit box in Moscow.
In 1921 Soviet scholars opened the box, and discovered a play. 

The play they found - written by an 18 year old - had no title,
too many characters, too many themes.
An unfinished, beautiful disaster. Just like life

A surprise party.
An unremarkable hotel.
Everyone is bored. Everyone wants to fuck everyone else.
Successful, beautiful, admired, Nova Platypus is invited.
She just happens to be the worst human you know.

Anton Chekhov's first and impossibly unproducable play radically reimagined by artisitic director Whit Hertford.  


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